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  • "I have always kept up with your organization and your spreading of awareness regarding drugs and fentanyl etc and all of what you all went through really stuck with me. Not sure if you saw my recent story but Last week I went to Lollapalooza and knowing that I was going there a voice in my head told me I should carry Narcan with me. I went to the public library in Chicago and picked some up. One of the days we were at a set and I saw these guys dragging this 18 year old kid out from the crowd. They dropped him next to me and they were screaming for help. I had a feeling he was overdosing based on how limp pale and unresponsive he was. I immediately got out the narcan and gave it to him and he was back up seconds later. Just wanted to let you know that all the work you do is really meaningful and has led to lives saved. Keep up the good fight!"

  • "I want to let you know that one of our seniors who did the training at school indirectly helped save someone's life with Narcan. One of her friends was going to a concert over the weekend and she had the friend take her Narcan with him; she showed him how to use it. That friend came upon someone who was overdosing during the concert, used the Narcan, and very likely saved the persons's life. Brilliant! 

  • Thanks again to you both for all the work you do to prevent overdose deaths, it is working."

  • "Just wanted to tell you that the Narcan i got online through you saved a life!"

  • "Next time you say your story tell him that you encouraged someone to get Narcan and it was because of your encouragement I did save the life."

  • "Because of your posts, I've had some good conversations with my kids about fentanyl so thank you. I didn't know if you saw the post about why the tower was lit the other night. That post took a turn as a parent posted that her son's friend, a freshman student has just died from an overdose. It brought me back to your post."

  • "Juli Ellyn Shamash, she is a true inspiration! Losing her oldest son to addiction - she has devoted her life to education and saving lives of other young people."

  • "Yes. I was telling my sister-in-law (lives in LA) that i met a couple of nice moms from LA. She asked details and I said I had no idea. I know my son went to that music festival, scary world we live in. I'm sorry that you know first hand. I had no idea that you could by Narcan and/or fentanyl testers. Thanks for all the info. I will be having a conversation with my son this week."

  • "Thanks for your help Juli, you helped out some friends who got laced coke!"

  • "Dude, Alex's test strips just saved my life. That was so scary"

  • "What a heartfelt, brilliant, heartbreaking goodness presentation, Juli. You are amazing and made a difference to many. Thank you. for sharing Tyler's story, can't imagine how hard it must have been for you and thank you for everything you did tonight for the HW community and for being so honest and caring. Love and gratitude. Xx

  • Happy Friday! Wanted to let you know that, as follow up to our meeting with Sen. Feinstein’s Judiciary Committee staff this afternoon, I shared Juli Shamash’s letter on fentanyl scheduling and counterfeit pills. Please let Juli know that her story has now been shared with not only Sen. Dianne’s health policy personal office staff, but also those staffers who work directly with Judiciary on fentanyl scheduling and other counterfeit issues. Both staffers were incredibly grateful to receive Juli’s letter, stating that hearing the perspective of families who have lost loved ones will be incredibly helpful to the Senator as she continues advocating for fentanyl scheduling. Please thank Juli for her letter and let her know we appreciate her sharing her story with policymakers!

  • Your PA speaker series last night with Juli Shamash on drug prevention was so powerful I registered for the NYC DOH Overdose and Prevention and Response Training right after the Zoom session. I intend to carry Narcon in my purse after completing the one-hour virtual training.  All of the information was new to me. As a parent of a 20-year-old college sophomore and 17-year-old HS junior, I appreciate you heightening my awareness on this topic. 2mg of fentanyl can kill you...that was a wake up call.  60 one-minute conversations with your child is more impactful than one 60-minute lecture. Please let Juli know what an impact she is making on fellow parents in memory of her son Tyler.

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