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Hi, my names Kalub Warner, I’m originally from Altoona Pennsylvania. I recently moved to Nebraska to start a new life. My dad passed away on 3/31/24 due to complications from drug use. I made a promise to him to show him the world, so I’m going to be walking the United States to spread a message. My message is that just because someone is an addict it doesn’t mean they are a bad person. I’m walking for Drug Awareness Foundation to raise money for them, since their cause aligns with mine. I started this walk in Omaha Nebraska, my first destination is the coast of California and then I’m going to be walking to the coast of Maine. I have a few pit stops along the way. I’m currently spreading my message and preparing myself for my coast to coast walk. It’s very difficult and I encourage all of you to join me on my journey across America! I’m two hundred and seventy miles out from where I started. I have walked all of it, except for forty miles, but I’ve been preparing myself for my coast to coast walk. My gear weighs around eighty pounds, so this has been my warm up adventure to see how much gear I can comfortably carry and how far I can walk each day. I have been averaging about fifteen miles a day. I started on the 5th of May. I’m trying to get to the West Coast as fast as possible and I’m trying to share this experience with as many people as I can. I have a few pit stops in Utah for the events with Patagonia. But once I get to the West Coast, it’s straight walking. Please follow me on my journey @walkingamerica

Drug Awareness Foundation is proud to support Kalub Warner as he walks across America to raise awareness and to help end the stigma of Substance Use Disorder. 
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